Walk & Talk Activity

During seminar on February 5th, Julie set out objects on each table. She proceeded to ask each student to pick an object they identified with and tell a story about it, while walking with a partner. I chose the teddy bear. I loved playing with toys when I was younger, but never had one stuffed animal that I was attached to while at home. However, my favorite auntie had a stuffed dog that I loved carrying around with me while visiting her. After my auntie passed away, I was given the stuffed dog and slept with it for many nights because it reminded me of her. Although I no longer sleep with the dog, I still have it, and plan on keeping it forever in memory of her. I really enjoyed this activity.  I find it amazing that one seemingly random object can stir up so many memories.


3 thoughts on “Walk & Talk Activity

  1. lperepeluk says:

    Hello Ashton,

    I was able to participate in the Walk and Talk with you, and enjoyed that very much. Reading your story in words, however, gave me the chills! Thank you for sharing your story on your blog. It is a very special story.

  2. ashtonmills says:

    Leta, thank you for the thoughtful comment! It was a wonderful experience being able to share our stories. Julie, thanks for the great idea! I think using my stuffed animal could make my students feel comfortable and safe while sharing their stories.

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