Curriculum as Online Community

How might the changing nature of learning and increased prevalence of technology be related to social justice and anti-oppressive education? What is made possible by these tools and types of learning?

In modern day society, there is almost no avoiding technology. Many shy away from the use of technology in their teaching because they are unaware of the positive effect that using it can have on learning. Technology is just another medium that can be used to get students interested in what they are learning about, and allows them to have some control and say in what they are doing. It is possible to incorporate technology into every subject, including topics of social justice and oppression. The use of technology when teaching these topics could increase the students’ interest in learning about them, as well as open a new world of information. Social justice is a topic that is not always covered accurately in textbooks, so the use of technology means that more information can be found and discussed. Social media forms of technology create a platform for voicing opinions and viewing the opinions of others. They allow society to band together over an important cause, such as social justice. Technology brings people together, and hopefully this united feeling will help put an end to oppression. People are more likely to join a movement when they know that they are not the only ones.


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