Your Words Have Power


I came across this picture while researching inclusive education for our inquiry project. In order to promote inclusion, students need to understand what inclusion is. Part of that is realizing that the language they use can have a profound impact on others, even if they do not mean for it to.


7 thoughts on “Your Words Have Power

  1. alyshia03 says:

    It’s crazy how often these phrases are said by adults and younger people and they don’t realize how it affects others. I also look forward to your inquiry project!!

  2. ekbasky says:

    This poster should be up in schools as well as the hallways around the university. I think that unless a person has a reason not to say these words, they often use them without even thinking about it. I know that until I spent a summer working with people with disabilities, I frequently used the word “retarded”, however now I would never use that word because I realize how hurtful it can be to people who have disabilities. I think that this poster would make people think about their word choices by realizing that the language they use can offend/be hurtful/disrespect others around them.

    • ashtonmills says:

      I agree that this is the sort of poster that should be seen by all! I know that when I was younger I too used words such as “gay” and “retarded” as slang. I did not think about the implications my words had, I just knew that all of my classmates were using them too. If people realized who their words were hurting, I think they would not be so quick to use them.

      • Deena says:

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    • curtisbourassa says:

      (Sorry for the above reply) This poster is great, as educators I think it is important to stand up to people who use these words as slang, and just give them a reminder that to not use such words because they can cause a lot of hurt to many different people.

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