The Heart of a Teacher

“The Heart of a Teacher: Identity and Integrity in Teaching,” by Parker Palmer, is a must read for all educators and future educators. The article really made me consider what makes a successful teacher. It is not the students or content that make teaching difficult, but realizing that one’s identity shapes their teaching. Luckily, identity is also what can make a teacher successful. When teachers are able to critically examine their inner beliefs, thoughts, and ideas, they are able to bring their identity into their teaching and actually enjoy the content they are teaching about. The article defines this identity as “the teacher within.” Our students will not remember the teachers that stood at the front of the room, lecturing in a monotone voice about content that they felt detached from. They will remember the ones who were passionate about their subject matter; the ones who felt a genuine internal connection to the content and their students.


One thought on “The Heart of a Teacher

  1. lperepeluk says:

    I challenge you to become the teacher with the “genuine internal connection to the content and [your] students”, as you grow into the great Ms. Mills. I am looking forward to watching you development as a teacher within the next few semesters, and hopefully within the years to come. Wonderful post.

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