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Hey there!

My name is Ashton Mills. I grew up in small town Kenaston, Saskatchewan, with my mom, dad, twin brother, and younger brother. I attended Kenaston School from kindergarten to grade twelve, and was involved in a variety of sports and clubs, including volleyball, basketball, student rep. council, dance, track and field, and drama. I loved being at school and helping others, so becoming a teacher always seemed like a natural fit. I chose to attend the U of R because I had heard so many great things about the program. I am currently in my fourth year (and final semester) of my BEd PreK-5.

After finishing my first year of university, I returned to Kenaston for the months of May and June and worked as an EA for a seven year old boy with Global Developmental Delay. I then went back to Regina for July and August and worked as a summer program worker at the Autism Resource Centre. These experiences made me realize my passion for working with individuals with disabilities, and since then I have worked as an EA in the Saskatoon Public School Division, and as a summer program worker at Autism Services in Saskatoon. I strongly believe in inclusion in the classroom, and hope to eventually obtain my inclusive education certificate through the U of S.

This past fall, I interned at Davidson School (Sun West School Division) in the grade one classroom. I could not have asked for a better experience. I loved my class, supervising teacher, and the school’s environment in general. While at Davidson, I was able to coach grade 5/6 volleyball, help direct the grade 3-6 drama production, and help start up an elementary student leadership team. Sun West is a division that puts great emphasis on the use of technology in the classroom. I was able to learn and implement a variety of new technology tools into my teaching, and immensely enjoyed it. Sun West is starting to move towards personalized (or blended) learning. Personalized learning uses technology to allow students to learn at their own pace. While my teacher was not starting the official personalized process until January, I was able to observe other classrooms in the division and attend workshops based on personalized learning. It was so awesome to see the benefits of technology in the classroom firsthand.


2 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. sarahjoyross says:

    I remember speaking with you about your experience at the Autism Resource Centre. It was that conversation that pushed me to work there this past summer! I feel that we have had some similar experiences and so it is interesting to read your views on inclusion. I agree that after working as an EA and at the Autism Centre that inclusion is very important! Great blog post Ashton!

    • Ashton Mills says:

      Thanks Sarah! That’s so awesome that you decided to work there. Do you think you’ll go back this summer? I’m hoping to go back to Autism Services. I find it super relaxed and rewarding. Did your views regarding inclusion change after your time as an EA and at the Autism Resource Centre, or have you always believed in inclusion in the classroom?

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