Sun Salutations

After much procrastination, I have officially kicked off the “learning” portion of my learning project. To be honest, most of the reason I procrastinated so long was because I was nervous. When I chose yoga for my learning project, I was just excited to do something good for myself. However, I did not give a lot of thought to what the process would actually look and feel like. As the days went by, I kept putting off my learning project. I knew that I wanted to film myself doing yoga, but was terrified about how a video would turn out. Would I look awkward and incapable? Would people see the video and laugh at me? Would I even be able to figure out how to film myself? Today I finally decided to face my fears and just go for it.

For my first day of yoga, I used this website that I discovered last week. “Do Yoga With Me” requires users to create an account, but is free of charge. It has a variety of options for every yoga learner. Today, I went under the “Yoga Classes” section, and searched for 0-20 minute, beginner Hatha yoga classes. While searching, I found a 20 minute video called “Sun Salutations 1.” I first tried sun salutations in the yoga class that I attended in the fall, and always enjoyed the simplicity and repetition of them. As it’s been months since I completed a sun salutation, I thought it would be a great way to ease back into yoga. You can find the benefits of sun salutations listed here, and a chart showing the poses used in a sun salutation here.

I really enjoyed the video that I used, as the instructor talks participants through each pose step by step. While this would probably be annoying for anyone more experienced, it was perfect for beginners or people like me who have not done yoga in months.  I found the sun salutations to be very relaxing, and enjoyed that there was a progression. The poses started out fairly basic, and then more challenging poses were added after each salutation. By the end of the video, I was definitely feeling challenged and tired. Next time, I think that I will use this video again so that I gain more practice and can monitor if any progress has been made. The below clip is how I looked about halfway through the sun salutations practice video. While I am pretty apprehensive about sharing this video, and kind of embarrassed by how it turned out, I am excited to document my progress throughout my learning project!

Has anyone else felt apprehensive or self conscious throughout the learning project process? Does anyone dislike watching themselves on video? I would love to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “Sun Salutations

  1. mckillopryan14 says:

    After briefly looking at that “Do Yoga With Me” website, it looks like it will be a valuable resource throughout your learning project. First off, I want to thank you for how courageous you are for tackling this project. I can completely relate to the feelings you are having. For my learning project, I am learning “how” to use the gym. There are days I feel completely apprehensive to try something new. It is not easy stepping outside of our comfort zones,but I think it is important for ourselves that we do it. I think in the end, we will feel empowered with our decision to learn something that at times can make us feel uncomfortable. I am looking forward to your growth. Keep up the great work Ashton.

    • Ashton Mills says:

      Thanks Ryan! I agree that stepping out of our comfort zones is so important. I am already starting to gain confidence in my abilities. As teachers, we will constantly be encouraging our students to step out of their own comfort zones and try new things, so why wouldn’t we do the same?

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