I Bend So I Don’t Break

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While scrolling through Pinterest this morning, I came across a yoga related quote that stated: “I bend so I don’t break.” Since starting my learning project, I have let procrastination get the best of me (as usual). Since my first post, I convinced myself of many reasons not to take the time to do yoga. My inner thoughts prior to today went something like this:

“It’s super embarrassing posting pictures and videos of myself practicing yoga. Why didn’t I choose a learning project that did not involve me documenting myself twisting my body into all sorts of weird positions for the whole internet to see?” 

“I don’t have time to do yoga. Between homework, work, job applications, house hunting, and portfolio-making, yoga is the last thing on my mind.” 

“Why would I do yoga when I can sit here and eat junk food and spend all my free time on social media?” 

As you can tell, I am obviously a naturally optimistic person (haha). It wasn’t until I found the quote “I bend so I don’t break,” that I finally decided to get moving again. The quote is simple, but effective. Yes, I am still young and healthy(ish), however,  I chose yoga as my learning project because it will benefit me and hopefully have an impact on my lifestyle. So, with a refreshed mindset, I continued to search through Pinterest for a new yoga related resource. I really like the site that I have been using, but wanted to try something new. While on Pinterest, I found this article, which gave a few great yoga related youtube channels. Because of that article, I decided to try out Livestrong Woman’s  Youtube channel, specifically, Tara Stiles’ video titled Flexibility and Range of Motion.  Even though I have practiced yoga sporadically and took dance classes from the ages of 3-17, I am an incredibly un-flexible person. I wanted to try out this video in particular because I believe that increased flexibility will help me become better at every other aspect of yoga. Here are (in my opinion) the pros and cons of the Flexibility and Range of Motion video:


  • It’s free and easy to locate.
  • It’s short. The video is only around 10 minutes long. While this may be too short depending on what you are looking for, I think it’s the perfect length for those who are looking to incorporate yoga into their daily routine.
  • It gets down to the basics. I’m almost wishing that I would have done this video before using the sun salutations video from my last post, as it uses some of the same poses but at a more basic level.
  • It’s HARD. Because I have done yoga before, I assumed that this video would be a breeze. I was incredibly wrong. Maybe it was because I have not done any sort of physical activity in a while, or maybe because I am just an un-flexible person, but either way this video was definitely a challenge for me! The poses stretched me much more than I thought they would, and I was actually sweating by the end of the video.


  • It’s HARD (Okay, this is just me complaining. The difficulty was really a pro for me, but still, I can’t say I enjoyed it the whole way through).
  • The instructor goes through the poses quite quickly. While I felt really stretched, sometimes I didn’t have enough time to really get into one before moving onto the next.

Overall, I am looking forward to continuing my learning project and trying more of Tara Stiles’ yoga videos. I think that the flexibility video is one that I will continue to use as often as possible in addition to other resources.

Now for the technology side of my learning project: I have been using my iPad to watch the yoga videos on, and my MacBook and iMovie to record myself practicing yoga. For pictures, I have just been screenshotting stills from the videos I make. I am finding it difficult to stay focused on letting my thoughts drift and practicing yoga while making sure my computer is tilted at the right angle and still filming. What is everyone else using to document their own learning project? Do you find it hard to just let go when you still want to be focused on the tech aspect of the project?

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