Put Your Back Into It

I am happy to say that the “aha” moment that I wrote about in my last post has since left me feeling much more positive towards my learning project. I have been practicing yoga regularly, using the videos featured in my previous posts. I can feel my body getting stronger, and it’s been a great outlet for when I am feeling stressed! Today, after a long day at work where it felt like I was on my feet or hunched over all day, my back was pretty sore. I’ve struggled with lower back issues in the past, and wondered if there were yoga poses that would help ease the pain. I quickly jumped onto Pinterest and came across this article about the benefits of yoga for back pain, complete with poses to help relieve back pain. However, while I liked reading about the benefits for pain that yoga can have, some of the poses definitely seemed a little too challenging (ahem, plow pose  and reclining single leg twist ). So, I continued on my search!

Eventually, I found this article from Yogiapproved.com. Success! While I’ve stuck to videos thus far in my learning project, I thought it might be nice to use pictures of poses and written out instructions, to see which way helps me learn more effectively. Some of the 12 poses were ones I had already learned and posted before, but many were new. Here are examples of some of the poses that I tried today:




  • I did not end up relaxed. I thought the descriptions of each pose  were kind of confusing, and was constantly stopping to consult my iPad throughout to see how I was supposed to start the pose, how long I should hold it for, etc. It was difficult to just try to clear my mind and relax.
  • It is easier for me to learn a new sequence when I am able to see the natural flow from one pose to the next. This helps me see how they all connect and helps with that “disjointed” feeling.
  • The poses themselves were pretty effective. They challenged me and stretched me, however, I am not sure that they helped ease my pain, but this could definitely be something that you need to do often and then feel the effects over time.
  • I am really happy that I opted to post pictures this week, as the video footage of me trying to just get my legs aligned with the wall during the last pose is pretty comical!
  • I will probably stick to videos over just pictures and descriptions. So far, the videos have helped me get in the moment and have helped me learn poses more successfully.

My favourite pose from this session: Thread the Needle. You can find a description on the pose and its benefits here. I liked this pose because the way that the arms and body are positioned, there is a lot of stretching happening, and it helped release some of the pain in my back. The way that the head is positioned makes it a more calming pose than some of the others.

My least favourite pose from this session: Leg up the Wall. You can find a description on the pose and its benefits here. Okay, when I was finally in the pose it felt good. But when I was trying to actually get into the pose, there was a lot of flailing. So much flailing.

Have you ever used yoga or other forms of physical activity to help with pain or an injury? Did you find that physical activity lessened the pain or made it worse? I would love to hear personal experiences! 



2 thoughts on “Put Your Back Into It

  1. Carli Cooper says:

    I have had some experience with this! I had a minor shoulder injury and I had to do stretches in order to avoid stiffness. I have never tried yoga to relieve stress or pain but it a different approach to consider! Thank you for for sharing!

  2. Ashton Mills says:

    Thanks for your comment, Carli! I have seen lots of yoga videos aimed at helping shoulder pain. I think doyogawithme.com had one in their beginner Hatha section. Definitely something to consider!

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