After Work Revitalizer

You know the saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” That’s kind of how I’m feeling about my learning project right now. As mentioned in my last post, I love that this project is allowing me to step outside my comfort zone and explore the multitude of yoga resources that are out there. However, after not loving the last few resources that I have used, I decided to go back to my favourite tried and true resource, Do Yoga With Me. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely continue to seek out new yoga resources for my learning project, and I definitely see the value in trying new ways of learning even if they don’t turn out to be my thing, but today I just wanted to use a resource that I already know works for me!

I’ve definitely seen progress since the beginning of my learning project (I couldn’t even touch my toes before starting yoga), so this time instead of searching for beginner videos on Do Yoga With Me, I decided to try out intermediate. To my surprise, on my search I came across a video called “After Work Revitalizer.” You may recall that in my “That Aha Moment” post,  I tried and reviewed a video called “After Work Revitalizer 2.” It was during this video that I finally understood why so many people are so crazy about yoga, and I have been faithfully using it ever since. I always kind of wondered where the first “After Work Revitalizer” video was located, but just never bothered to look into it. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find the first video in the intermediate section! At first I thought maybe they put it in the wrong section because I assumed that there was no way part 1 of a video would be more difficult than part 2, but once I started the video I quickly realized why it was placed in the intermediate section!

I enjoyed this video immensely, but it was definitely more challenging than “After Work Revitalizer 2.” Maybe it was all in my head, but it seemed like the instructor went through the poses much more quickly, and they were much harder. I know that I am becoming stronger because even though the poses were challenging and at times I was shaking and tired, I was still able to complete all of them! I found that this video had all the same benefits as the first. It helped my neck and back pain, cleared my mind, and kept me focused. I am looking forward to adding this video to my regular lineup!

This video also introduced me to the concept of restorative inversion. At first it just seemed like a fancy name for laying down, putting your arms and legs in the air, and letting the blood flow, but after some research I have found that there are many benefits to practicing restorative inversion. You can find a definition and some of the benefits of the practice here. While I had never heard of the practice before, I now realize that quite a few of the poses I have learned are deemed restorative inversion poses. I also came across this article on master inversions. All of the poses are definitely way above my skill level, but they’re all poses I would love to someday achieve with a lot of time and effort!



4 thoughts on “After Work Revitalizer

  1. shantelamson says:

    I like how you decided to classify yourself as intermediate instead of beginner this time! As an intermediate, you feel like you are completing much more than you did as a beginner, and you are pushing yourself harder! One thing I love about yoga is how it can calm you down and help you relax. I like how you said this helped your neck and back! I also have a very sore back all the time, and I feel like an old lady, so I might have to try something like this! Could you recommend a beginner yoga video that could help with my back problems? I know you’re not a doctor or anything, but if you have tried any previous ones that helped you! Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

    • Ashton Mills says:

      Thanks for your comments and compliments! Yoga is definitely helping with my neck and back pain. My favourite so far is the “After Work Revitalizer 2” video that I linked to in this post and my post “That Aha Moment.” It can be found on This video is a beginner version of the “After Work Revitalizer” video. It’s easy, quick, and definitely effective. Let me know if you try it out!

  2. harderkylie says:

    I like how you tried out different resources. I think it is good to try new things but sometimes when you find a website that you love it is hard to find a better one. When I was in ECMP 355, my learning project was decorating cupcakes and I found myself going back to the same places a lot too. I agree with Shantel, it is nice to see you are classifying yourself as intermediate. That also means that you are learning lots with this project now that you are moving past the beginner videos. Awesome job with the self-taught project! I have never tried Yoga but after reading some of the benefits and your blog I will definitely have to give it a try sometime.

    • Ashton Mills says:

      Thanks for your comments! I’d definitely recommend giving yoga a try. It was tough to get into at first for me (hence the lack of posting at first), but after seeing the positive mental and physical effects it can have, it’s definitely something I’ll stick with after this project is done!

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