Saying Yes to Yoga: My Learning Project Summary

Yoga Mat

Photo Credit: Kejohnson0319 via Compfight cc

It’s so hard to believe that this semester is already coming to a close! I know it is said all too often, but the time really did seem to fly by. The end of the semester also marks the end of my formal yoga learning project. It feels like I have barely begun my journey, even as I am finishing it. If you take a look at my first learning project post, you will see that I chose to learn yoga for my learning project for a multitude of reasons. Yoga has always been something that I have been interested in, but I never seem to stick with it long enough to see the effects. I felt that if I chose to learn yoga for my project, the project and subsequent required documentation would hold me accountable and lead me on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, I am really interested in incorporating yoga into the classroom someday, as I think there are so many physical and emotional benefits to it.

At the beginning of my learning project, I felt nervous and uncomfortable, and put off actually starting my project as a result of these feelings. I think as a society, especially one where technology is so accessible, we put so much pressure on ourselves and others to be perfect. I worried that the pictures and videos I took of myself practicing yoga would look silly and others would judge my abilities. While these feelings didn’t totally disappear by the end of the semester (this post is evidence of that), they did start to lessen. I learned to (somewhat) let go of my anxieties and just focus on the yoga. I also learned that my worries about facing judgement from others were unwarranted. Yes, maybe people were sitting in front of their computer screens laughing at my attempts, but I seriously doubt it! The comments that I received throughout my yoga journey were all positive ones. They uplifted my spirits and pushed me to continue with my project.

Throughout my learning project, I feel like I truly discovered the numerous benefits that yoga has to offer. When I started yoga, all I hoped to gain was flexibility and an outlet for final semester stress. Looking back, I realize that yoga has benefitted me both physically and mentally, however I think that the mental benefits may just hold more importance than the physical ones. While there is no doubt that I made progress in my flexibility, I am much more proud in the growth in mindset that I gained. As mentioned before, when I started I had low self-confidence and had a hard time just “letting go.” Now, I feel confident in myself and my abilities, and am able to use yoga as a time to decompress and self reflect. Practicing yoga brings a sense of calmness that I did not think possible before starting my learning project. This may be the end of my learning project journey, but it is not the end of my yoga journey. I’m really grateful for this class for allowing me to learn a new skill. I have learned to love yoga, and hope to continue practicing it regularly.

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