Summary of Learning

I’ll be honest, I dreaded this summary of learning all semester long. I knew that I could easily write the reflection portion of my project, but I struggled to decide how to actually present my learnings. As I split my time between around four locations, I knew that a group project wouldn’t really be an option for me. However, I also knew that there was no way I was going to write or sing a song without others doing it with me! After a lot of research and reflection, I finally decided to use PowToon for my project. As it is a tool that I have never used before, I felt that I was able to step outside my comfort zone and really challenge myself. I loved using the tool, but wish I would have done more research into it before! I did not realize that free presentations can not be more than 5 minutes long… until I was 5 minutes into my 6 and a half minute  (already audio recorded) presentation. I then had the idea to just make two presentations and upload them into iMovie… until I realized that I could not download my presentations as mp4’s without paying the premium price! After lots of panicking, I finally decided to make two presentations, screencast them with Screencast-O-Matic, upload my screencasts to iMovie, and merge the two presentations as one. So, basically what started out as using one tool to make my project ended up in the use of three! Even through all the ups and downs, I am happy with how my project turned out. I feel that I was able to summarize my thoughts and learnings in an entertaining, professional way. Check out my presentation below!


2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. cameronmohan says:

    Wow Ashton, very smart with the work screencast/imovie work around there. I think with implementing edtech that’s going to be a very important skill to have. There’s almost alway more than one way to get something done, it’s just a matter of developing that sense. I’m curious, how did you find Powtoon? Was it difficult to learn? Did this take you a long time to put together?

  2. Ashton Mills says:

    Thanks for your comment! During ECS 210 we had a similar assignment, and while I created my summary of learning through Storybird, lots of my classmates used PowToon. This time around, I had hoped to use a tool called Go Animate, but was worried that when using the free trial, my video would disappear after a few weeks. I researched PowToon and found that it was pretty similar to Go Animate, so decided to give it a shot. The tutorials on the website made the process a lot easier, and once I got the hang of it it was pretty simple. However, it was definitely time consuming. I finished the whole thing within three days, but by putting in ridiculous hours. If I were to do it again, I would start earlier so that I could space out my time more wisely!

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