2015-11-20 22.34.43Hi there! My name is Ashton Mills. I am a fourth year Education student at the University of Regina, specializing in PreK-5. My love of children and helping people lead me to my future career choice, and I am so excited to continue my  personal  and professional growth through the help of this blog! I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan, and enjoy  reading, organizing, bubble baths, and spending time with my friends and family. 

For the internship portion of my degree, I interned in the grade one classroom at Davidson School, Davidson, SK. I could not have asked for a better internship experience. The students were amazing, and I am certain that my co-operative teacher will become a lifelong mentor. It was so interesting to see how much growth really does happen in such a short period of time in grade one. I loved how eager the students were to learn, and also loved challenging myself to create the most engaging activities possible in order to continue fostering their love of learning.

The division that I interned in puts a large focus on personalized learning. I am excited to get my own classroom and start putting the practices that I have learned to use! Personalized learning allows for students to receive differentiated instruction tailored to fit their personal needs. Through the use of personalized learning, I hope to have a classroom that encourages technology, questions, play, collaboration, and inclusion for all.



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